Delta Trap Multi-Season (White)

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Polypropylene (PE)

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    Delta Trap Multi-Season (White) is a triangular base made of waterproof material. The trap consists of three basic elements: a trap body, a sticky insert and a pheromone for target pests. A pheromone dispenser acts as a bait. Works in combination with a species-specific pheromone. The sticky insert is placed inside the Reusable Delta Trap and should be changed depending on the level of clogging.

    Pests attracted by the pheromone fly into Delta Trap Multi-Season and get caught on the sticky insert. The recommended distance between the traps is at least 50 meters in order to avoid mixing the smell of pheromones. The trap is hung with a rope.

    Multi-season Delta Traps are used in gardens, greenhouses, open fields in accordance with the direction of the wind or air flow. Delta traps are a practical and economical solution, safe for humans and animals. Multi-Season Delta traps are not subject to environmental conditions, resistant to sunlight (resistant to UV radiation).

    Production: Turkey.