NANO GREEN Liquid Fertilizer

70,00 $

Thanks to its special combination, NANO GREEN is effective in the infection period of powdery mildew disease.
NANO GREEN Fertilizer slows down the progression of the disease by preventing the spore spread of powdery mildew.
It provides 25 days of protection after the first application.
It does not create a residue problem in export.
It is harmless to the bee and its waiting period is zero days.


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    Usage dosage

    Foliar application per 100 liters water
    Drip irrigation for 1000 m²
    350 – 400 cc (application every 22 days)
    1 Lt.
    Ornamental plants
    350 – 400 cc (application every 22 days)
    1 Lt.
    350 – 400 cc (application every 22 days)
    1 Lt.
    Fruit Trees
    350 – 400 cc (application every 22 days)
    1 Lt.
    Industrial Crop
    350 – 400 cc (application every 22 days)
    1 Lt.

    NANO GREEN liquid fertilizer is effective during periods of plant infection with fungal diseases and prevents the spread of spore epidemics. Effective against diseases such as:
    – powdery mildew
    – downy mildew
    – tetranychus spp.

    NANO GREEN liquid fertilizer can be used as a seed preservative, as a drug in soil cultivation, as a fungicide (to destroy pathogenic fungi).

    Production: Turkey.